Sporleder Schiffahrtsgesellschaft MBH


In 1951 Walter Sporleder, having gained valuable shipping experience in the Far East, returned to Germany and founded his own liner agency in Bremen which has been active till 1999.

In 1958 the corresponding chartering company, Sporleder Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbh, was established to serve the various lines represented with break bulk cargo bookings and to start activities with the growing coastal trade.

In the 60's the company, for a decade, expanded into ship owning and line operation. Keeping pace with the dynamics and developments of the shipping industry in Germany, Sporleder Shipping Co. moved end of the 60's to Hamburg becoming part of the growing shipping concentration. Besides chartering of coasters and linertype tonnage, the first semicontainer vessels being handled. A huge activity was the shipyard representation of polish shipyards. This part of the business carried on succesfully for more than 20 years until the political changes.

History shows, that Sporleder recognized the signs of time. Since the late 80's and 90's Sporleder Shipping Co. strengthened its competitive worldwide shipbroking business - its core business still today.

End of the 90's upto 2010 various newbuilding contracts have been signed for german owners and it's corresponding chartering activities in the field of Container Feeder Ships, Multi-Purpose and Heavy Lift tonnage. The focus on Handysize bulkcarriers has been enlarged and still going on strong today. Likewise various MPP owners decided to use the expertise for their ongoing timecharter employments and cargo bookings. 


Story of the Sporleder gemma

The founder, Walter Sporleder, leaving internment 1945 in Dehra Dun close to the Himalaya mountains, discovered at the front of a hidden Buddha temple the gemma as an ornamental top of a tendril. And exactly the same ornament he noticed at the house of his ancestors in Bodenwerder at the River Weser. So he choose this sign of growth and luck as his company logo.